My Thoughts and Views of Digital Copyright

First off, I do agree with the RIAA that people who download are taking money away from the artists.

I don't agree with the manner in which the RIAA is dealing with the situation.

I believe that intangible things such as music and thoughts should be protected from being stolen and used as some else's. People who download music should not be pursued as criminals if they don't pass it off as their own.

The policy I would prefer would be free access to music, as long someone’s material isn't passed off as your own.

The music industry needs to find a new way of funding their artists rather than with the sales of the albums, possibly from concerts and merchandise.

Artists agree with both sides of this argument. Musicians like Metallica fought to shut down Napster where as bands like The Smashing Pumpkins who, rather than sell their last album, gave it to some close friends to distribute it on the Internet and on Napster.

Most people agree with my perspective and it is very evident with both of the above situations. After Metallica's battle with Napster, a lot of their fans became angry, while The Smashing Pumpkin's record that they put out on the Internet has been credited as being one of their best.