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This portfolio, a work in progress, presents products that demonstrate the skills I have gained through completing online technology classes through ESC Region 11.

When completed, the links to the left will lead to products organized by TEA certification standards. For now, you may view my products organized by the classes I have completed by clicking here: Products

Personal Background

Born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, I moved to Texas in 1971 to attend Hardin-Simmons University. Though I consider myself a Texan after all these years, I miss seeing Southwest sunsets and the Organ Mountains that border the city. Learn about Las Cruces, N.M. at New Mexico Tourism.

I played the viola in the school orchestra through junior high and high school, and classical music is still my favorite type of music.

My husband and I have been married 31 years and raised two terrific sons, one an accountant who has been married two years and the other a college freshman.

Significant Personal and Technology Events

Taking a graduate class in reading at Texas Tech in 1982 introduced me to modern technology in the form of an Apple computer. The visiting professor brought his personal computer to class and we all watched as he demonstrated some of its capabilities. I was hooked.

I purchased an Apple IIC and a dot matrix printer in 1984. Being able to save, edit and reprint lesson plans and tests was almost life-changing. Twelve years later, politicians were discussing the Information Highway and my students began asking questions about information they had read on the Internet. I remember telling my husband that we needed to have Internet access so that I could learn and teach my students responsible use of this new information source.

Participating in the Making the Connections Language Arts TARGET Grant introduced (thrust) me into the world of web authoring and video technology. I naively signed up for the grant thinking its purpose was to provide a laptop and multi-media projector for my classroom. To my initial horror, I found out that I had signed on for a three-year professional development grant intended to empower English teachers to integrate web authoring and video production in their classrooms.

One of my most significant technology events was actually a censorship issue over a poem one of my students submitted to an online anthology. The poem was rejected because of its religious theme. Pacing up and down my kitchen, venting to my husband over the unfairness, my husband replied, “Start your own website. You know how.” Less than two weeks later, the poem in question was part of our new class website that has grown to include a discussion board and technology integration lessons.

Reasons for Wanting to be a Technology Applications Teacher

Although not officially certified, I have considered myself a technology applications teacher for the past two years as I have instructed and facilitated my students’ use of technology in the English classes I teach. Although most of my students are avid technology consumers, they lack skills and basic design concepts to produce high quality products, as well as the critical thinking skills needed to use technology responsibly. I want to make sure that I have the knowledge and expertise to provide the learning experiences my students need. Language arts is communication, not literature selections, and I want my students to learn to communicate effectively regardless of the medium.

Preparing to Teach

Spending four summers working as a staffer and counselor at Inlow Youth Camp outside Albuquerque, New Mexico, during high school prepared me for teaching better than any education class I’ve ever taken.

I graduated from Texas Tech University with a BA in English and a secondary teaching certificate. I am presently finishing my masters in curriculum and instruction at Angelo State University.

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Organ Mountains outside Las Cruces,
New Mexico.

Listen to a brief Adiago


View a brief video of one of my favorite poems, "Dream Deferred," by Langston Hughes.
Format: QuickTime
Length: 35 seconds
File Size: 378K



Links to Favorite Web sites:

My personal Web site at www.texasschoolmarm.net

I am a teacher consultant and the technology liason for the
Pearl of the Concho Writing Project

PCWP is a National Writing Project site.






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Schobey, A. Organ Mountains. Retrieved Nov. 12, 2005, from http://www.southern-new-mexico.org/html/las_cruces.html


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