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Research Brochure

Effective Communication is ALWAYS about Good Design!

Good design follows the “3 Fs” of communication:

Function or purpose (sometimes several)

Form evolves out of a clear purpose: if it's meant to last, that will dictate some of the form (size, type of paper, how to be distributed, etc.)

Format is the internal design of the product (margins, type styles, color, etc.)

Designing Brochures

Two basic design strategies:

Headline plan brochure around headlines used

•  Feature head—title

•  Main support heads—become heads for the copy blocks

Attention to Action A-I-D-C-A

•  Get their attention, stimulate interest, create desire, build conviction, call to action

Basic Design Concepts of Brochures


•  don't try to achieve too much in one brochure

•  use ample margins to avoid a jammed-up appearance

Purpose and content

•  dictate design, i.e. an announcement brochure calls for stronger display

Consider size carefully

•  size determines cost of paper

•  Paper comes in standard sizes and price depends on how many can be cut from a sheet

•  A few inches can double the price