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Student Work

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Junior Research Projects

2006 Projects:

Courtney's movie: Public Schoolman on Religion in Schools
Format: wmv
Size: 9.34MB
Play Time: 03:09 sec.

Jennifer's movie: Race in America
Format: wmv
Size: 7.7MB
Play Time: 02:21 sec.

Kassy's movie: Race in America
Format: wmv
Size: 6.51MB
Play Time: 02:40 sec.

Katherine's movie on Power of Place in America
Format: wmv
Size: 4.3MB
Play Time: 04:11 sec.

Ashley's movie: Indvidualism: America's Greatest Right
Format: wmv
Size: 19.9MB
Play Time: 04:00 sec.
Jeff's movie: America's Role in the World
Format: wmv
Size: 9.95MB
Play Time: 02:48 sec.

2005 Projects:

American Family Website (Jason, Stephanie, & Courtney)


America's Role in the World Website (Trevor, Sara, Seth, & Julie)

Individualism Website (Erica, Thomas, Charity & Terrell)

America's Role in the World Website (Emy & Haven)

Name: American Family Slideshow (Bart & Ryan)
Format: wmv
Size: 61.3 MB
Play Time: 08.50 sec.

Name: Power of Place (Leslie & Roy)
Format: wmv
Size: 62.8 MB
Play Time: 09:23 sec.

Name: Women in America (Kaci, Michelle, Jessica, Emily)
Format: wmv
Size: 23.6 MB
Play Time: 07:24 sec.

Name: Race in America (Stacy & Audrey)
Format: wmv
Size: 32 MB
Play Time: 08:56 sec.
Name: Social Class in America (Craig, Austin, Drew)
Format: wmv
Size: 40.5 MB
Play Time: 06:43 sec.

Name: America's Role in the World (Mashari, Jared, Jeremy)
Format: wmv
Size: 22.4 MB
Play Time: 06:03 sec.

Name: Ricochet (News magazine video created by Victoria, Kevin, Steve, & Lindsey)
The video presents various perspectives on the issue of how race matters in America.
Format: wmv
Size: 130 MB
Play Time: 09:18 sec.

2004 Projects:

View webpages on Individual Rights in America View Women's Roles in America (PowerPoint)
View The American Family (PowerPoint) View Power of Place in America (PowerPoint)
View Religion in America (PowerPoint)  


"Do You Ever Wonder" by Jessica

Stories in three voices

After reading N. Scott Momaday's Way to Rainy Mountain, students wrote their own ancestral stories in three voices.

Megan Kelcy  
Gina Frank  

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